The best 5 small business books for entrepreneurs

The Best 5 Small Business Books for Entrepreneurs

To Achieve mastery in entrepreneurship, business owners have always taken the time to read small business book collections.  Are you willing to do the same as these leading businessmen? Then, you have to follow the same rule, read business books that they have continued to read over the years to become successful entrepreneurs.



Today, there are numbers of small business books in the market, but to be in the top-list, the books have to be full of entrepreneurial facts and the helpful contents which can help both novice and experience business entrepreneurs in the long run. Among these books, there are five top-most small business books which have helped many entrepreneurs and are committed to helping others in future.

The Top-5 Small Business Books Must-Have for Entrepreneurs:

  1. The lean startup by Eric Ries:

The entrepreneurial book, ‘The Lean Startup’, depicts how today’s business entrepreneurs use continuous modernism to develop a radically successful business environment. Novice entrepreneurs find cash-flow management in building their own business the biggest struggle. Like they say “Cash is King”; therefore, the Lean Startup book is created by Mr. Eric to serve as the entrepreneurs guide to bring big change to your business.

  1. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson:

No one is as an amazing businessman as Mr. Steve Jobs. The book is entirely based on Mr. Jobs’ biography and his personal life. Moreover, you can find how he started the business, his philosophies and the strategies that he implemented to sustain in the business market. The book has nearly 600 pages and it is sure that entrepreneurs will benefit their business ventures by reading this book. Mr. Steve Jobs has revolutionised the technological world with his out-of-the-box thinking.

  1. 1000 Dollars and an idea by Sam Wyly:

Sam Wyly, who is prominent as the multi-billionaire entrepreneur has started many business ventures, including Sterling software, Michaels Stores, and University Computing. The book, ‘1,000 Dollars and an Idea’, is comprised of his autobiography and is a proven inspirational business guide book for entrepreneurs. The influential point of this book is “Sam put 1,000 dollars at risk at a youngster to start a small computer company and from that time he started the journey to becoming a millionaire. And believe it or not, he achieved his final goal at the age of 30”. This is what I can say a ‘Guru-Mantra’ for the entrepreneurs.

  1. Delivering Happiness by Tony HSIEH, the CEO of

The book, “Delivering Happiness” is all about a path which will lead your business to gain profits, passion, and purpose of your business. Mr. Tony Hsieh has achieved mastery in creating company culture. He was committed to creating a business environment i.e. rewarding and positive for both employees and customers. In this book, Mr. Tony talks about how he started his journey to be a successful businessman, the failures he has faced and how he overcame it.

  1. Bootstrapping your business by Greg Gianforte:

Greg Gianforte was the founder of RightNow Technologies. He successfully ran his business until Oracle owned the company back in 2011 for $1.4 billion. In this book, he explains about the benefits of traditional financing vs. bootstrapping and how bootstrapping helps mindset and helps business.